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CH Cattle Company began as Craig Hammond's childhood dream. From raising Holstein bulls on a bottle at age 8 to handling thousands of head of cattle per year, his dream has turned into a life and a reality.

Located in the hills and valleys of Southwest Virginia, CH Cattle Company was built from scratch in 1999. Our company is a diversified cattle operation which consists of order buying, back grounding, grazing and our new weekly calf take-up day. Whether our orders are for a local farmer wanting 20 head or a Midwest feed yards receiving thousands of head, we are committed to making sure everyone is 100% satisfied in every transaction. Honesty, integrity, hard work, and repeat customers are what we strive for and are a must in this business. Today CH Cattle is a leader in organizing and getting the most value for your animal from the stocker stage, on to feeder and finishing stage.

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